Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

man, 12.01.2004 kl. 18.24 skrev Patrick O'Callaghan:

 or 2) put certain "special" folders
at the top, preferably with distinguishable icons. See Mozilla, Thunderbird,
MacOS Mail, etc. etc.

Which are not Evo, though.

Naturally. But Evo could learn some things from them (and vice versa).

Absolutely ;) If only Evo would learn Courier shared folders and Mozilla
how to do all-in-one-screen and LDAP. And more.


Allowing more than one account is an admin/organization policy decision
that is not sanctioned here, at Billy. At least, mail may only be sent
(smtp SASL AUTH) by a system-authorized (LDAP) logged-in UID and
obviously only be IMAP-read by the same UID.

You mean you can't read your company mail and your private ISP mail
from the same session? That's what I'm talking about, not having
multiple accounts on the same server (which is also useful in some
cases BTW).

I'm the admin who decides at Billy ;) And there's not much managerial
opposition to speak of. All the users get their mail on this machine
under one account name at the moment, let me think. Say Sammy wanted to
get pop mail from his ISP account, into his home directory, next to his
local IMAP account, it would be technically possible with Evo.

I think I'd block traffic out to destination port 110 or 995 in the
firewall; I've seen what my users do to waste time during working hours,
playing Kazaa and ICQ and Quake and such.

There would have to be a pretty clear agreement with each employer about
wasting the boss' time. I already have an contractual agreement to be
able to read all their mail, and run Ethereal on their traffic over the
Internet interface, so ...


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