Re: [Evolution] Hundreds of alarms

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 20:31, Ian Robertson wrote:
On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 14:20, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

I mean, if the user doesnt want to have alarms, then she creates
appointments without alarms. If you create alarms in your appointments,
why don't you want to be notified of those alarms?
I had this problem when I first started using Evolution, and did a
hot-sync with my pilot.  The next time I restarted Evolution, all my old
appointments (and there were lots of them) came up as alarms.  It was so
bad that Evolution crashed before I could dismiss them; I cannot
remember anymore how I managed to get past this, but it was a big pain.

this should be fixed now, since we dont display alarms if it's the first
time we open the calendar (ie, if the last notification time is not
set). Also, I am going to add the 'Dismiss All' button to dismiss all
alarms, if that happens in other cases.

Since your case of not wanting to be notified seems to be a corner-case,
adding a config option only for a few people seems overkill.
It may be a corner case once you get going, but I could see it being a
substantial barrier to entry for first-time users.

as I said, in 1.5.x this shouldn't happen.

If you can prove lots of people use alarms but dont want to get
notified, then, we'll add the config option. Until then, I'll think it's
a bad solution.
Again, remember that Evolution shares it's calender data with other
applications; just because the user wants one of those to alert them
doesn't mean they want *all* of them to alert them.

so, you want notifications for some events, but not for others? Then,
you set up alarms for the events you want to be notified for.


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