Re: [Evolution] Hundreds of alarms

Rodrigo Moya said:
On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 04:17, Dwight Tovey wrote:
On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 11:19, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

your problem is that there is no stored date for the last
so the alarm daemon thinks the last notification was in 1/1/1970, so
shows you all alarms since then :-(

It should probably just use the current time as the last notification
date if that setting is not set.

Ok, that explains not only the many alarms that I got this morning, but
also the long past-due alarms when I haven't logged in to this system
(my laptop) for a few days.  In some circumstances I can understand
wanting these past-due alarms, but frankly, in general they are mostly
just a nuisance.

well, they are if you use the calendar just once in a while. But if you
use it daily, as I do, they are really useful, like reminding me of
events that happened when I was on holidays, for instance.

Great.  It works for you.  I'm happy for you.  For me though I already get
told enough by the rest of the staff if I miss a meeting.  I don't really
need my email program nagging me also.  I want to be notified at the time
of the meeting (or appointement, or whatever), but I don't need it to tell
me that I missed yesterday's weekly status meeting.

  I still think that it would be better if it was
possible for the user to decide to only have alarms as they happen and
ignore anything overdue.

not sure if that would be a good solution.

Care to expand on why not?  What would it take to include a configuration
option so that the user can specify an age limit for alarms?  Either make
it a per-alarm setting (trigger this notice within X minutes before the
set time but not more than Y minutes after) or a global setting (don't
trigger any alarms that are more than Z hours past their set time).  Leave
the past-due alarms perpetually enabled by default (that way you don't
change existing behavior), but give the users the ability to disable old

Just don't take the M$ mentality of saying "I do it this way so everybody
will do it this way".


Dwight N. Tovey
email: dwight dtovey net
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