Re: [Evolution] Threading by subject questions (still!)

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 11:33, Thomas Duffy wrote:
No, but it doesn't always work as expected, like if somebody changes the
subject line, includes references, then somebody responds to that
without using in-reply-to or references, it will start a new thread.

This is understandable, hence the question no 3 in my previous post (see

run gconf-editor.  There is a key in apps->evolution->mail->display.
turn thread_subject on.

Thanks very much!

How would you do this?  Do you mean some sort of user intervention would
be required?  This seems heinous.  MUA's should start following the
RFC's making this whole issue moot.

Well...  It's the whole point.  I would very much like the thread of my
messages to remain organized, no matter what happens.  So, let's say the
references along with the subject matching take care of 80% of the mail,
matching mail manually would allow me to manually match the remaining

Now, how would I do it?  I am not sure.  As far as the UI is concerned,
I think the simplest way would be allow the user to drag a message over
another one and have Evolution ask if this action should result in a
thread change (in case the dragging in unintentional).  Then, upon
answering 'yes', the program could assign the "in-reply-to" of the moved
email to match the thread.  In the line of thought, the popup menu of a
single email message could contain the option "Un-thread", in which case
you would remove the "In-reply-to" and "reference".

In fact, I think allowing the user to thread some messages manually
would solve ALL problems about threading.

One more thing...  Correct me if I am wrong, but if someone forwards a
message and then move the sent copy to the same folder as the
originating thread, it starts a new thread.  This is not necessarily
what a user want (I want EVERYTHING related to a thread to remain in the
thread).  By allow manual threading, this is taken care of as well...

Thanks for reading, and hopefully considering the enhancements!

Pierre Bilodeau
BML Consultation Inc

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