[Evolution] Threading by subject questions (still!)

Hello Everyone,

I know Evolution can do some threading based on the "In-reply-to" and
"reference" headers, but I would ALSO need to see some threading by
subject happen, when the previous methods fail.

I made a search in the mailing list and saw a few mentions of editing
the "thread_subject" variable in the ~/evolution/config.xmldb file, but
I couldn't find that file anywhere on my system.  I also made a grep in
all files contained in my evolution directories, and couldn't find it

I am running Evolution 1.4.4 on Mandrake 9.2.

So I have three questions for the gurus out there:

1) Will enabling the thread_subject feature disable the more reliable
threading by reference?  I hope not!  I see the threading by subject be
active as a failback method, not a replacement.

2) Since I don't seem to have the expected config file, where should I

3) Do you eventually plan on adding a feature by which a message matched
by subject could be unmatched, and possibly matched to a separate
message (even with a different subject)?

Thanks a lot!

Pierre Bilodeau
BML Consultation Inc

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