Re: [Evolution] spamassassin and evolutin 1.2.2-5: why SO SLOW

o.k. I finally got spamassassin to run at least for my university

installed spamassassin, since rpm installer did not work
rpm -Uvh spamassassin-2.55-3.i386.rpm


in evolution
add filter, 
"pipe message to shell command" 
usr/bin/spamc -c > /tmp/spamc.out
return greater than 0

move to folder spam

works great for my university account, but not for gmx (very slow)

added a stop-processing to all gmx-filters

thank you all, for your kind help


On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 16:09, Jean-Marc V. Liotier wrote:
On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 15:36, guenther wrote:

Using spamc/spamd can speed up things.

Especially since spamd can be setup on another node. Spamassassin was
horribly slow on the P200 equivalent that runs my mail server, but after
offloading spam filtering to another machine, everything ran smoothly

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