Re: [Evolution] Palm Synch Glitch -- Need Help

Wow, you seem to have been at this for a while.  Ok, here's my
suggestion.  I hope others will read it an critique away!

Run from the shell (terminal.. whatever).

$> evolution --force-shutdown

Now evolution will be stopped and there will be nothing running in
memory holding old dirty data that needs to be synced to disk.

From your home dir.  Tar up your current evo data JUST IN CASE!
$> tar -czf ./evolution.backup.tar.gz ./evolution/

This should create a tar file with all your data in it, it should be
pretty big.  Make sure that the above is the case (you could try
untaring the ball into /tmp and see what you get).

Now we are free to mess around.

If you have a data snapshot on your pilot that you are happy with I
would delete the evolution folder completely.  This may not be
nessicary, I would skip to the COPY FROM PILOT step and try that first. 
If it doesn't work, then nuke your evo data.

Now get syncing to work!  Simply have the pilot settings on COPY FROM
PILOT for this sync only and now your calendar and contacts and stuff
should be good to go.

Ok, so if that didn't work you can try to delete your data and start
$> rm -rf evolution

No go back and try to COPY DATA FROM PILOT.

To get your mail back up to speed, you can copy the local folders from
that tarball we created /evolution/local/Inbox would be one, and any
other mail folders you created.

I don't think you have to worry about the "backup" conduit as it only
goes one way.  You have to issue commands to restore a backup!

Good luck,

OK.  Here's the scenario.  At one point, I had accidentally done a
restore instead of a synch.  There must have been an alarm that I
skipped (not sure if on the Sony or the PC).  Anyway, what I got was a
fatal error message box on the Sony saying there was a skipped alarm. 
The reset button in the box did nothing more than reset back to the
error message.  It took a hard reset back to "original" state to
eliminate it.  But, in the datebook data on the PC, that skipped alarm
was still there.  So, it took redoing the hard reset, switching to
Windows & restoring from a slightly older copy my data.  Then returning
to linux to rename my jpilot synch folder, then doing a fresh synch. 
Next, opening Evo & search for anything that might be an offending
alarm, then doing a fresh synch there, as well.  But, since I set backup
copies to 5, I'm leery that my 0-4 subdirectories (off MyPilot) may
contain one or more copies of the datebook file with the bad data, if I
have to restore.  And I don't know enough about linux, Gnome or Evo yet
to be sure I can just delete.  Especially since I found other copies in
other locations than just there & the jpilot directory -- not in the
home directory area.
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