[Evolution] Palm Synch Glitch -- Need Help

I'm running Evo 1.4.4 & Gnome 2.4 under Mandrake 9.2rc2. My handheld is
actually a Sony Clie T615C, Palm OS 4.1.  During a recent synch, I got a
fatal error message saying that there was a skipped alarm in the
datebook data.  Only a hard reset back to original state fixed it. 
Then, I restored from a recent backup under Windows.

Before doing the above restore, I opened Evo  & deleted anything that
might be an offending entry.  Another synch attempt got the same fatal
error.  Browsing my directories there were several places where there
were files in several directories whose names would indicate they're
either the culprit or the solution to getting back to a normal synch
situation.  Can anyone tell me what to delete & what to keep?

Bill Kraski

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