Re: [Evolution] Palm Synch Glitch -- Need Help

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 23:54, Kraski Web Services wrote:
That'd only be 5 or 6 synchs.  Although it'd still be nice to know where
& how the synch data is stored for a quicker resolution, next time.

Sync data?  If you have the backup conduit on it stores data
historically in ~/MyPilot/ but this path is editable in the conduits
preferences.  But this is data "FROM THE PILOT" only.

Not sure how evolution creates data for the other conduits, but I'm
assuming that the conduit code inspects the Evo data (address', tasks,
memo's?) and transforms it into a proper Palm DB for transfer.

I'm a little lost on what the problem is, maybe you could email just me
with a refresher note.

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