Re: [Evolution] Palm Synch Glitch -- Need Help

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 08:07, Christopher Ness wrote:

Running RH 9/XD2 here and `gpilotd` is found in:

[nesscg woman .unison]$ whereis gpilotd
gpilotd: /usr/include/gpilotd /usr/libexec/gpilotd

As I said, that seems closest to Mandrake 9.2.  Anyway, I did try a
synch from the panel applet & all went well.  The Sony synched
perfectly.  However, I still have the possible problem that things won't
go quite as well on a restore.  I suppose I could add items to the
datebook & synch each time till the offending old alarm is eliminated. 
That'd only be 5 or 6 synchs.  Although it'd still be nice to know where
& how the synch data is stored for a quicker resolution, next time.

Bill K

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