[Evolution] evolution features query

I've just made the move from pine to evolution.
I'm using the evolution-1.2.4-1.1mdk RPM on mandrake 9.1
Having configed quite a lot, read the manual, and browsed
the archives some, I'd appreciate any help on the following issues:
? I've tried with no luck to import my pine addressbook.
  Can this not be done?
  It's a simple tab delimited <nick name> tab <full name> tab <e-mail address>
  Would be sad to do this manually.
? related: so one can easily add From addresses into his contacts,
  but not addresses from the CC lines?
? can't outgoing mail be saved to folders much like incoming mail?
  I saw some discussion about setting filters to do this equation-wise.
  But I dio not fancy that approach. Too complex for auto-handling.
  Same people deal with different projects, etc.
  I really hope this is supported/intended to be.
  A topical folder should certainly have my end of the conversation too!
  And I dont want to go over sent mail disributing them :(
? I have a work machine and a home machine sitting on ADSL.
  Have just installed evolution on home. Will move to work machine next.
  Can I have them share the calender and address book and have only a single
  copy on the work machine?
  Tools:Settings:Folder Settings seems to hint in that direction.
? Will evolution support right to left languages at some point?
  I can see e-mails if i tweak the font selection, but I still need
  a mirror for the directionality...
  (maybe add mirror-readable fonts as a second best? ;)
? If any or all of the above issues are 1.4-solved pls let me know.
  I probably need to upgrade to mdk 9.2 to use the 1.4 RPMS, and I dont
  have the time to do that now, but maybe I'll just compile a new evolution
  if provided with motivation.
Other than that I am quite enjoying my new mail reader.
Thanks a lot!

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