Re: [Evolution] evolution features query

I've just made the move from pine to evolution.
I'm using the evolution-1.2.4-1.1mdk RPM on mandrake 9.1
Having configed quite a lot, read the manual, and browsed
the archives some, I'd appreciate any help on the following issues:

Some answers below are for Evolution 1.4.x versions, but should be the
same on 1.2.x.

? I've tried with no luck to import my pine addressbook.
  Can this not be done?
  It's a simple tab delimited <nick name> tab <full name> tab <e-mail address>
  Would be sad to do this manually.

File / Import automatically checks for Pine settings, when selecting
"import from old programs". Have you tried that?

If that fails you can try to transform that simple tab delimited file
into VCard format and import that single file.

? related: so one can easily add From addresses into his contacts,
  but not addresses from the CC lines?

It's exactly the same: Right click the blue, link style email address.

? can't outgoing mail be saved to folders much like incoming mail?
  I saw some discussion about setting filters to do this equation-wise.
  But I dio not fancy that approach. Too complex for auto-handling.
  Same people deal with different projects, etc.
  I really hope this is supported/intended to be.
  A topical folder should certainly have my end of the conversation too!
  And I dont want to go over sent mail disributing them :(

AFAIK there is only the way of using outgoing Filters. About the
auto-handling: It is just as automated as sorting incoming mails...

? I have a work machine and a home machine sitting on ADSL.
  Have just installed evolution on home. Will move to work machine next.
  Can I have them share the calender and address book and have only a single
  copy on the work machine?
  Tools:Settings:Folder Settings seems to hint in that direction.

You can not share them, but you can sync them. Please see the ongoing,
large discussion started some days ago.

Sorry, I dunno what you mean by the "single copy".

? Will evolution support right to left languages at some point?
  I can see e-mails if i tweak the font selection, but I still need
  a mirror for the directionality...
  (maybe add mirror-readable fonts as a second best? ;)

I don't know for sure, as I cannot read any such language... ;)
But Gnome 2 (Evolution 1.4.x) should have this ability, shouldn't it?

? If any or all of the above issues are 1.4-solved pls let me know.
  I probably need to upgrade to mdk 9.2 to use the 1.4 RPMS, and I dont
  have the time to do that now, but maybe I'll just compile a new evolution
  if provided with motivation.

Evolution 1.4.x runs fine on Mandrake 9.1 -- cause Mandrake 9.1 ships
with Gnome 2.2 and the included Evolution 1.2 is one of the last
remaining Gnome 1 apps.

Check the Ximian web site for install
instructions. Red Carpet is a convenient way, but you always can grab
the RPMs by FTP [1] and install manually.



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