[Evolution] Filter woes

!!New Member Alert!! :)

Hi everyone,

I'm using evolution 1.4.5 on mandrake 9.1 with kde. I'm having some
problems with filters, and a quick search of the list archives revealed
that this problem has been addressed before, but, I couldn't find a
conclusion/fix/workaround for it. 

The problem is that the "move to folder" and "delete" functions don't
work correctly with incoming mail.  The "move" works like a "copy", and
I end up with duplicate mail, and the "delete" doesn't delete. I'm sure
the moved or deleted mail is not even marked for deletion. That, of
course, means expunge doesn't work. But, if I manually apply the filters
(<C-Y>), the filters work correctly.

Please let me know if there is a fix/workaround for this problem, or if
it has been added to the bug list.


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