Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.4.5 SMTPS / STARTTLS question

uh, that's exactly how it was explained that it would do.


On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 12:18, Vincent Jaussaud wrote:
On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 17:37, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Evolution lets you do this too... you could specify "servername:25" for
the hostname, although I'm not sure exactly how it will behave in this
case. It might try to first do SMTPS on port 25, fail, and then try

yea, I'm pretty sure that is how it would attempt to connect.

Nope; if you put the port number in; it'll try to negociate SMTP-S with
the remote MTA, over port 25, even if this one talks only STARTTLS.

The result is that it will hung the SMTP session; since SMTP-S
initialise the SSL handshake directly after opening the socket; while
STARTTLS wait after the greetings dialog has been made (in plain text).
So basically, you'll try to talk SSL to a peer which expect plain text
input at first.



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