Re: [Evolution] Sudden deletion of all messages in IMAP inbox?

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 21:12, Bashford, Don wrote:
Is it possible, in just a few keystrokes or mouse moves, to
accidentally delete 100s of email messages from your IMAP inbox using
evolution?  Or is it possable to mark them for deletion without
realizing you've done it, so that some subseqent expunge really kills

Oh yes. Very easy - I just did it yesterday.  I normally do ^A^D^E in
quick succession on my spam trap mail box - unfortunately yesterday I
wasn't in my spam trap, I was in my INBOX :-(   I suppose the problem is
that I normally do ^A^Y^E on my INBOX to get it to filter "seen"
messages, but my fingers took on a life of their own.

Fortunately the server is backed up nightly and I archive all my emails
as they come in, so I didn't loose anything - just a pain in the

(I've just seen that your question has been answered elsewhere - I just
relate the story as a warning to others :-) )


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