Re: [Evolution] No Languages for Spell Checking (again!)

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 04:20, Steven P. Auerbach wrote:

I just checked with Ximian, using Red-Carpet: there is a version of
aspell-it available.

I am sorry, I checked again a couple of days ago on Red Carpet and I
didn't find aspell-it available for Red Hat Linux 9, even if I did find
aspell-fr and aspell-de.

Anyway, using I've found aspell-it-0.1.17 from "Red Hat Beta
severn for i386" and it works fine, while .16 from Red Hat did not.

Thanks for your help!

For the curious: I am using Red Hat 9 on my laptop and Debian on my
office workstation. There is an aspell-it package in Debian testing.

Alessio Bragadini <alessio albourne com>
APL Financial Services (Overseas) Ltd

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