[Evolution] Sudden deletion of all messages in IMAP inbox?

Is it possible, in just a few keystrokes or mouse moves, to accidentally delete 100s of email messages from 
your IMAP inbox using evolution?  Or is it possable to mark them for deletion without realizing you've done 
it, so that some subseqent expunge really kills them?

I'm using evo to access mail that is stored on an Exchange server via IMAP (not via the Ximian plugin for 
Express).  After about a month of successul use, I experienced the sudden deletion of all messages (about a 
month's worth) in my IMAP INBOX.  During an evo session, I clicked on the INBOX in the folder list, and the 
IMBOX, instead of coming up, vanished from the folder list.  A subsequent check of the server through it's 
webmail interface showed "there are no items to show in this view".  Several minutes later, a check via 
webmail began to show new messages arriving, but no old messages before the vanising moment were there.

We are looking into the question of whether something could have gone wrong with the exchange server, but I 
want to check to see whether this problem could have been caused on the evo end.


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