RE: [Evolution] Sudden deletion of all messages in IMAP inbox?

Thanks Iain, that was exactly the problem.  I just found all my old messages
underneath my "Journals" folder.

Maybe this should be considered an evo user-interface problem.  It's all to easy to do accidentally, and 
gives the appearance of an alarming catastrophe.

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On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 06:42, Bashford, Don wrote:
Is it possible, in just a few keystrokes or mouse moves, to
accidentally delete 100s of email messages from your IMAP inbox using
During an evo session, I clicked on the INBOX in the folder list, and
the IMBOX, instead of coming up, vanished from the folder list.

Sometimes I click on a folder, and accidentally move the mouse just a
bit, which ends up moving the folder into another folder.  Perhaps this
has happened?

Can't help any more than that!
Iain Buchanan <iain pcorp nospam com au>

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