RE: [Evolution] "Message Display" now constant across folders?

Norman et al., here's what I really don't get it and pardon my ignorance on
the matter, but have you noticed by the several posts here that the nature
of the problems we are all facing is the sort of "[...] It was working
before in Evo 1.2.x and now it's broken in Evo 1.4..." 

How can that be?? How can a team of developers of such competence as the one
at Ximian screw up a release so badly that most nice characteristics of Evo
got so mangled up it is now almost impossible to use it? Well, I actually
_cannot_ use it because of the POP bug that prevents me from getting my
e-mail from a server that, you guessed it, worked just fine with Evo 1.2.
C'mon folks, Evolution is such a great piece of work! We cannot, for the
love of... whoever, let it fall apart like this. Let's make it usable again
and enjoy this masterpiece of software.

I am sorry I don't have the gift of knowing how to program, but boy if I did
I would dive right in and try to get my favourite e-mail/calendar program
working again, just like its previous version did... 

Cheers to all,


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Subject: [Evolution] "Message Display" now constant across folders?

Evolution up to v1.2 allowed me to set message displays per folder.  I kept
my Inbox as "Normal Display", but I kept my spam folder as "Show E-mail
Source" to make SpamCop reporting easier, for example.

With the upgrade to XD2 & Evolution 1.4 it seems that changing Message
Display under the View menu now changes the display for -all- folders. 
Is there a way to achieve the old behavior of per-folder message displays?

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