[Evolution] Evolution 1.4 spits multiple 'camel-WARNING...' messages.

While running Evolution (v.1.4) on the command line of an x-terminal, I
noticed that it repeatedly gives the following message:

(evolution:1397): camel-WARNING **: camel_exception_get_id called with
NULL parameter.

Evolution runs fine on my system (RH8, fully updated from RHN/Red
Carpet) - even better than older versions did (e.g., no more crashes
while managing the "Contacts" folder).

However, I fear that this message may be an indication of a headache
later on, so, if anybody has a clue on where this message comes from and
how I can eliminate it, be my guest...

Panos Platon Tsapralis,
Software Engineer,
SAP-R/3 specialist, ABAP/4 developer,
Registered Linux User #305894,
Ximian Evolution (ver.1.4) on Red Hat Linux (8.0),
Athens, GREECE,
cell-phone: +306946462857, fax: +302108054420,
e-mail: panosplaton in gr, panosplaton hotmail com

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