Re: [Evolution] problems with imap ssl

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 00:51, Not Zed wrote

1. running ssl to the same machine isn't much use unless you like
exercising your cpu (i presume this is just testing though)

It is for testing, yes.

2. make sure you have the certificate generated correctly, and assigned
a unique name.  I saw basically the same errors as this because i'd
generated a certificate using the default settings, and it clashed with
another one when i tried to connect to two servers with the same
certificate name (at the same time).
3. try using 'ssl always'.

Yes, it should have a unique name, since I generated one recently,
providing all the details, which are all unique as far as I can tell (I
am in the process of eliminating any doubt, though).

3. try using 'ssl always'.

This appears to work.  Why wouldn't 'whenever possible' work?  (BTW, I
use another unrelated server to connect to and that seems to work with
'whenever possible' setting only (Both of them work with 'never'


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