Re: Piping message (was: Re: [Evolution] Any advice on Antivirus software...)

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 23:46, D. D. Brierton wrote:
I've been reading up on sa-learn, and your way seems to be much more
complex than necessary. Why not just save the messages in question (they
get saved with all their headers) to a file, and then just do:

sa-learn --[ham|spam] --file message.txt

If you get enough false positives and negatives then why not move or
copy as appropriate the messages to a ham folder and a spam folder and
then set up a daily cron job to run:

sa-learn --ham --mbox ~/evolution/local/Ham/mbox
sa-learn --spam --mbox ~/evolution/local/Spam/mbox

sa-learn will ignore the messages it's already seen, and anyway you
could delete the contents of each folder everyday after the cron job has

You make a good point, and demonstrate the strength and flexibility of a
UNIX environment.  Truth be told, I get so few false positives & false
negatives with spamassassin that my cumbersome method has been "good

Regardless, I stand by my opinion that a generic "pipe message to
command" function in Evolution would be a Good Thing.

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