Re: [Evolution] Signed Message Problems

Le ven 24/01/2003 à 17:07, Dave Finnegan a écrit :
Really!  This is my mail server and not evo's signing process?

Do you know anything more about this problem with the mail server?  I'd
love to have this fixed.  We run our own mail server so I can get in
touch with the IT guys and try to get it fixed if I have a bit more info
to go to them with.


On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 10:59, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Le ven 24/01/2003 à 16:34, Dave Finnegan a écrit :
I have been running with signed messages for a while and have noticed
that evo is modifying the message.  When I CC myself, the message
returned to me has extra blank lines inserted and has "=20" characters
in some places.

Your mail server is messing with your messages ?


I don't know much, but I heard some mail servers convert text mails
(line truncation, 7-bits conversion). But I don't know if it's your
problem here.


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