Re: [Evolution] Losing folder defaults

On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 20:52, Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 17:26, Christine McLellan wrote:
Martin - 

What do you mean by losing folder defaults? Do you mean which folders
are set as default mailbox, calendar, contacts, etc?  Or something
about each Exchange folder that you are viewing with Evo such as the
email columns, sort order, threading?  And are these actual folders or
vFolders?  Have you submitted a bug on this at 


I am not Martin, but I am experiencing the latter, mostly with my
"Threaded view" setting.  And no, I have not submitted a bug

this is mostly an FYI that may shine some light on some things.

the "Threaded view" setting is not global, it is per-folder.

opening a folder you've never opened before will use the global setting
(which is in the config.xmldb). I think it defaults to off. There's
actually no way to set this via the UI that I can recall, but there used
to be.

also, make sure you are running bonobo-conf 0.16, as that is the only
version of bonobo-conf that will reliably save config settings when the
system has write errors.

as another aside, if you are out of disk space - settings may not
necessarily be saved, depending on whether or not bonobo-conf-0.16 is
able to save a tenporary copy (in the ~/evolution/ directory, not /tmp).

not sure any of these FYI's light up any lightbulbs as to why you may be
having problems.

now... assuming that doesn't solve it for ya, then the only other
explanation is that evolution-mail is not shutting down cleanly and is
thus not ever getting to the point where it flushes the settings to
disk. if you control-c or killev, this is likely the problem.



On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 05:37, Marlin Borsick wrote: 
I am losing the folder defaults every so often. I am using Evolution
1.2.1 client and the Exchange connector. The connector itself seems fine
as once the default folders are set, I can get what I need off the
Exchange server.

However, the behavior of having to reset the folder defaults has gone
from a once every two weeks thing to nearly every other day now. Has
anyone seen this behavior and been able to resolve it?

I won't say there it might be the reason, but most of the time I have
the Outlook client open on my Windows workstation. However the last
several times, the only email client open was the Evolution client. So
it appears that there is no consistency in this behavior.

Thanks in advance.

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