[Evolution] Losing folder defaults

I am losing the folder defaults every so often. I am using Evolution
1.2.1 client and the Exchange connector. The connector itself seems fine
as once the default folders are set, I can get what I need off the
Exchange server.

However, the behavior of having to reset the folder defaults has gone
from a once every two weeks thing to nearly every other day now. Has
anyone seen this behavior and been able to resolve it?

I won't say there it might be the reason, but most of the time I have
the Outlook client open on my Windows workstation. However the last
several times, the only email client open was the Evolution client. So
it appears that there is no consistency in this behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Marlin L. Borsick      President
Coastalan, Inc.

phone: +1 (330) 948-1740
email: borsicml coastalan net
web: http://www.coastalan.net

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