Re: [Evolution] Send Later?

Hi and thanks for the suggestion.  However I don't use evo's calendar
since the corporate calendar (Corporate Time) is required for meeting
management where I work.  Also, the command line within the reminder
option isn't very intuitive.  I'm not sure how to parse the command
line, "mail -s"Lest We Forget" your email address".

Thanks anyway,


However, an associated feature I used to find really helpful in the old
days when I used Eudora was the "timed send" where  you could stipulate
a date/time to send a particular message.  This was real handy for event
reminders when not coupled with a calendar.  Any requests for this

Such a feature already exists... you can go to your calendar, and setup
a meeting/appointment/whatever, then set a reminder and in the reminder

  "Run an external program" => mail -s"Lest We Forget" your email address

Pretty cool actually, i have used it to email me 
on an SMS gateway before and get a SMS reminder :-) 


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