Re: [Evolution] SMTP, EHLO, and 502 response

tir, 23.12.2003 kl. 17.54 skrev Pete Biggs:

No, it's not an Evo bug, it is manifest in other things.  The fact that
Moz or something else that you use don't tickle the bug does not mean
that it is Evo's fault.  See, for instance, bug 44295

As it says in other bug reports - Evo does not read /etc/hosts so there
is no way that this could be an Evo bug - if glibc returns garbage to
Evo, then Evo can only do garbage things.

Very well, I stand corrected. It's a glibc bug (as Guenther pointed out
earlier and I should have tooken notice of what Guenther says). Thanks,
Pete ;)


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