[Evolution] Do instructions exist for building from source?

After lurking on the list for a few days and reading several archives...
I sent my basic question to a list member, gunther; who was not amused
that I e-mailed him directly...

So I will send my lame question to the list, as he suggested...
Sorry for polluting the list with such a basic question. 
I was trying to avoid this :)


Basically I am interested in building evolution from sources. 

I downloaded the CVS sources for evolution however I could not find any
instructions on what to do what that. Looks like some autoconf type
things need to be done before the package is ready for a "./configure"

Is there a package in the form of evo.tar.gz which is distributed and
ready to build?

I keenly understand that Red Carpet is NOT what I want.

Thanks for some elementary pointers ...


On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 07:20, guenther wrote:
Please, ask your questions on the mailing list.

I am late to this mailing list... :)
Can you tell me the best way to compile the source?

I found the Red Carpet thing and deduced I cannot get source that way.
Then I found the CVS page and downloaded from cvs (cvs co evolution). I
got a lot of stuff but I assume it is not immediately buildable. Maybe
auoconf things need to be done before it is a configurable and make-able

Red Carpet is a graphical installer and uses the rpm database. It is
intended to install Evolution, rather than getting the sources.

hints pls?

http://lists.ximian.com/mailman/listinfo/evolution ;)


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