Re: [Evolution] question on trash vfolders

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 21:18, guenther wrote:

Second, when I click Actions | Empty Trash, none of the mail that is in
my "Maildir/Trash" vfolder gets deleted.  Furthermore, if have selected
the "Maildir/Trash" vfolder, and try to delete e-mails from there,
nothing happens.

Uh... Sorry, I don't use maildir format. IMAP accounts and (for testing
purposes) the local folders (mbox) only.

Are you sure, the 'Trash' is really a maildir? I don't know, but at
least your statement seems ambiguous:
Is it a "Maildir/Trash" or a "vFolder"?

Sorry if this was confusing....  I do not physically have a
/home/me/Maildir/Trash or /home/me/Maildir/trash maildir directory. 
What I was trying to make clear (and obviously failed miserably =;) )
was that in my evolution folder tree, I have 2 "Trash" nodes.  One is
underneath the "Local Folders" parent node.  The other is underneath my
"Maildir" node--"Maildir" being the name I gave my /home/me/Maildir/
directory.  When I delete mail from maildir folders underneath the
"Maildir" node in evolution's folder tree, the e-mail goes to/shows up
in the "Trash" node underneath my "Maildir" node.

*sigh*  This is confusing trying to explain.  I feel like Dr. Evil,
making the double-quote signs with my hands every other word.  =:)

So, to summarize, my problems:

1) I'm not able to explain this clearly.  =:)

2) I have 2 vfolders called Trash in my evolution tree hierarchy--one
under evolution's default "Local Folders" node and the second under my
Maildir tree.

3) when I delete mail, it shows up in the Trash vfolder showing up
underneath my local Maildir tree, not in the Trash vfolder that is part
of evolution's default "Local Folders" branch on the tree.

4) when I do Actions | Empty Trash, the Trash vfolder underneath my
local Maildir tree does not get emptied.

To me, this seems like broken behavior, since I would expect "Empty
Trash" to iterate through ALL trash vfolders and expunge deleted
messages from each.

Dunno, if that really helps...

Well, I'm at least tired, shagged out, and ready for bed now.  =:)

Thanks for your reply, guenther!  btw, I can't tell from your e-mail
account if you're a helpful user or a ximian developer.  Just curious. 


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