[Evolution] question on trash vfolders

I keep all of my mail in ~/Maildir/ (maildir format). I do not have a
~/Maildir/Trash/ or ~/Maildir/trash/ maildir, though a "Trash" vfolder
shows up as a child node of my home maildir tree in evolution, which I
have named "Maildir".  

I have 2 questions...  

First, when I have "hide deleted messages" checked in evolution 1.2.4,
all deleted mail goes into the the "Maildir/Trash" vfolder
automatically.  Is there a way to define where this goes?

Second, when I click Actions | Empty Trash, none of the mail that is in
my "Maildir/Trash" vfolder gets deleted.  Furthermore, if have selected
the "Maildir/Trash" vfolder, and try to delete e-mails from there,
nothing happens.

The first question is really a function of me trying to get e-mails
deleted, since "empty trash" isn't working.




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