Loyal protest, was: Re: [Evolution] export mail from Evolution

fre, 18.04.2003 kl. 08.40 skrev Ivaylo Toshev:

I need this answer too ! I recently decide to switch from Evo to Mozilla 
Mail, so i need a technics to import mail from Evo to Mozilla Mail.

Mozilla list?

I abandon the Evo tottaly ! I used it for 1,5 years and it was bigger 
and buggy and becomes more bigger and more buggy, memory hungry, 
crashes, loses my mail. Calendaring works just 2 months for these time. 
IMAP handling is just nightmare ! Connector stuff with Exchange  - too. 
Internationalization is pure ( espessaly encodings handling in different 
levels), and many more...

Mozilla always strikes me as being 2-dimensional, Evo 3-dimensional.

I wrote before about Evo and its warts. It's full of them, big black,
ugly ones; but no more are appearing as time goes by. In fact, little
warts are disappearing.

I wouldn't leave Evo for the world, though, even if I /do/ have Mozzie
1.3 and love it as browser. Any more than I'd leave Pan for any Evo
newsreader that came along. Etc. etc.



Tony Earnshaw

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