Re: [Evolution] Bogofilter? The fight against spam continues...

tir, 2002-09-24 kl. 06:58 skrev William Kenworthy:

Actually I cannot understand people who critisise people wanting to do
spam filtering.

I'm not criticising people who want to do spam filtering, no way.

You are lucky in that you have:
a) your own machine
b) access to the services required to run system wide spam resources

Hadn't thought about that, sorry. I assumed that everyone running Evo
was doing it on his own workstation. Faulty thinking.

What about that very large group who *DO NOT* have such access. 
Attitudes such as this condem them to running without spam blocking ... 
Being able to run emails througn a spam or virus checker at the local
level is superflous in your case, but I have seen quite a number of
people who have no other alternative to doing it at the local level.

Mea maxima culpa.

Yes evo is not ideal for this, but what alternatives are there with a
largely locked down, multiple user system with unsympathetic (for
whatever reason) sysadmins?





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