Re: [Evolution] Bogofilter? The fight against spam continues...

man, 2002-09-23 kl. 13:42 skrev Erlend Simonsen:

Seeing as I get well over 200 spam emails a day, naturally spam
filtering is a pretty big thing for me. ;-) Has anyone considered adding
support for bogofilter or one of the spin offs from that project to

I'd love having a filtering rule that interfaced to bogofilter, as well
as updating the filters statistics when I read an email or move it to a
spam marked folder. 


I honestly can't understand this kind of wish.

I run a Compaq El Cheapo dialup notebook (this machine) under Linux.
Consequently I have the opportunity of running my own smtp mail server,
pop3 server, Spamassassin, virus filter etc. etc on my notebook.

Spam filtering is done at several levels by my smtp mailserver, which
(apart from other checks) routes all incoming mail (mailkicks from my
ISP) through Spamassassin 2.50 (newest of the new, bleeding edge). It
doesn't just do that, it has various checks through DNS reverse lookups,
RBL, system filter etc as checks against spam.

The whole business of spam filtering is *so* specialized, that there is
no way a utility such as Evo could possibly do what these specialized
server utilities do.

People who the great Creator has given the absolute privilege of being
able to run Unix/Linux on their mail machines ought to train themselves
to use that privilege correctly.

All criticism of utilities such as Spamassassin, Spamcop etc have mostly
been solved by the time those criticisms have been uttered. Furthermore,
combatting spam isn't a question of relying on one single technique, but
of combining many, heterogeneous techniques - of which there are legion.





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