Re: [Evolution] New Beta bugs

Message: the search feature doesn't seem to work for existing Advanced
criterias. I had 2 that I use a lot on my Mailing list IMAP folder which
are New Messages and Message older than 1 month. When selecting those
search, I can see evolution displaying the searching ... indicator in
the status bar but it never gets out of that. However searching some
text typed directly in the combobox works even if a lot slower than it
used to be. 

Did you read the release notes?  Searching has changed a little bit. 
Also note the default search 'does more' than it used to (which i
disagreed with).

With your search that doesn't work, open a bug, and include a log of
evolution-mail talking to the server (run it with CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1
set).  Attach the searches.xml file as well.

Statusbar: Actions cannot be canceled (same in 1.0.8). It used to be
that by right clicking on the status bar, a menu will pop-up with a
cancel option. It doesn't do that anymore. The x in the toolbar is also
always disable on my evolution.

Works for me.

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