[Evolution] New Beta bugs


I just downloaded Evolution (200209181421) and upgraded from
1.0.8. It looks great. However there is few problems I would like to

Calendar: keeps crashing on me. I have included a backtrace for the
developpers to review. I am running RedHat 6.2 with Ximian Gnome desktop
for the most part. I don't have to be in the calendar for it to crash.

Message: the search feature doesn't seem to work for existing Advanced
criterias. I had 2 that I use a lot on my Mailing list IMAP folder which
are New Messages and Message older than 1 month. When selecting those
search, I can see evolution displaying the searching ... indicator in
the status bar but it never gets out of that. However searching some
text typed directly in the combobox works even if a lot slower than it
used to be. 

Statusbar: Actions cannot be canceled (same in 1.0.8). It used to be
that by right clicking on the status bar, a menu will pop-up with a
cancel option. It doesn't do that anymore. The x in the toolbar is also
always disable on my evolution.

Composer: Spell checking doesn't seem to be enabled. I checked the
preferences, and I can see that I don't have any dictionary defined. How
do I add dictionaries ? I don't see any buttons there. Also I thought
that aspell by default came with the american dictionary. Ihave
aspell- and gnome-spell-0.4.ximian-4.

Dragging: dragging a message to an open Composer window, seems to
indicate that it should work. However the message is not attached to the
composer. So either that new feature is not working or enabled yet or
the cursor should indicate that the message cannot be dropped there.

Contacts: When first going there no records are displayed. Press CLEAR
bring a warning about no matching criteria or something of that order (I
guess my contacts crashed as well as I cannot go back there right now).

That's all for now. I really like the new version. Good job to all.



PS: Forgive my spelling. my spell-checker is OoO

Pascal DeMilly <list evolution newgenesys com>

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