[Evolution] New snap shot thoughts

I just upgraded to the latest snapshot.  I had not in several weks (for
my main workstation).

Some cool things I like:

1)  Sent can be in IMAP again.
2)  Sent can place "followup"  Do not know much about this yet.
3)  signature file can be changed
4) searches keep the text betwen types of searches (Sender/Subject)

Some issues:

#2  How do I set a followup on the note before I send it?  I see it as
sort of a flag in varius places, but I would expect to set it when I
send.  Does anything look at it?
#3  The signature drop down box is cool, but does it do anything?  Can I
ditch it?

a)  The view preview pane hotkey (Q) no longer works....
b)  gnome spell no longer seems to work.  This is baad!
c)  When looking at multiple panes, and I CRTL+ to increase the font of
one opane, they all increase.  This is bad!
d) alt-Q does not reformat the paragraph.  I need then when resending

Zot O'Connor <zot zotconsulting com>
White Knight Hackers, Inc.

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