Re: [Evolution] Key Sequences for special ascii characters...

tor, 2002-09-19 kl. 21:07 skrev Sean M Alderman:

Does Evo have the ability to print special ascii characters like the
umlaut?  If so what is the key sequence to make it print in a plain text
email?  I seem to remember there being some sort of alt-<key> in the MS
Office products to produce this.

Maybe you have a Linux system, who knows? Evo will print whatever your
locale is. Mine is nn_NO (Norwegian Nynorsk), so even though I have a
102-key US keyboard, it follows the Norwegian keyboard layout, including
dead (right alt key and letter combos for some accents).

The easiest way for me, as mortal user, to turn my keyboard into a
German keyboard, is to go into an xterm (command-line screen, like an
MSDOS command screen but subtly different, you don't have to go out of
Evo) and enter 'setxkbmap de'. Hey presto, German keyboard, which will
print too :-)

"But I don't want a German keyboard," you say; "I just want an umlaut."

It's a hard life, Sean, a hard life.




Tony Earnshaw

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