Re: [Evolution] Determine mail account to reply with

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 07:46, Lloyd D Budd wrote:
I am interested to know what "the old way" is?  If you would, explain a
scenario where the 1.1.x way behaves in an undesirable manner?

[Disclaimer - I've not tried 1.1.x for a while - 2 months or so - so if
there has been a change recently then this is going to be completely

"The old way" - ie 1.0.x - selects the sender identity which matches an
address in the to/cc header, and if a match cannot be found uses the
account used for the mail retrieval (ie X-Evolution-Source:).

The new method just uses the mail retrieval account id.

Where the new method falls down is if the user has multiple addresses,
but only one (or fewer than the number of addresses) account(s).  I have
a single IMAP repository and server side filter mail to many addresses
into appropriate places within that repository.  With the old method
replies generally got the sender address right, with the new method they
always are set the same and nearly always wrong - ie it works just like
Eudora in that you can have multiple manually selectable sender

For my use the new method is utterly useless, and is the reason why I
stopped using the 1.1.x stream.


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