Re: [Evolution] Determine mail account to reply with

1.1.x defaults to the X-Evolution-Source first, and then checks.

I am interested to know what "the old way" is?  If you would, explain a
scenario where the 1.1.x way behaves in an undesirable manner?

AFAIK: in 1.0, first are checked the 'To:' and 'Cc:' fields, then the
'X-Evo-Source'. Different email addresses may point to the same physical
mailbox and be still differentiated as long as you have an account
without mailbox defined on it.

So, I have alessio albourne com as my main address, but an alias
alessio village albourne com for my project: this just redirects to the
main mailbox. I would like to reply to these messages with my
alessio village albourne com account (including custom signature and
other details), which I created without an actual POP mailbox, since
there is not.

1.0 does this just fine because it looks to the 'To:' header. I believe
1.1 won't because the 'X-Evo-Source' is linked to the main
'alessio albourne com'. In fact "virtual" accounts become half useless
and lose much of their power.

Ofcourse, I may just have misunderstood the change, but there was quite
a discussion in the previous weeks, see
(the thread is acutally split between July and August).

Alessio F. Bragadini            alessio albourne com
APL Financial Services
Nicosia, Cyprus                 phone: +357-22-755750

"It is more complicated than you think"
                -- The Eighth Networking Truth from RFC 1925

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