RE: [Evolution] Evolution crashes when attempting to saveattachment

Le mer 11/09/2002 à 13:35, Not Zed a écrit :
On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 23:24, Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le mer 04/09/2002 à 15:39, Romain a écrit :
Hi all,

I've found something pretty interesting about the attachment
Reminder : when clicking the Save to Disk attachment menu-item,
would freeze, except when strace'ed or gdb'ed.

Ok, after a lot of debugging, I've finally discovered the problem is
in gtk+ (in 1.2.10 still present in 2.0.6) when / is not readable 
and when
current directory is not readable (since oaf does a chdir("/"),
evolution-mail current dir is "/" and this is causing the problem)..

I've fixed the problem in latest cooker gtk+ 1.2 (and 2.0.6) package
I'll send patches for upstream integration..

why would / not be readable?  thats pretty nuts.

Don't ask me.. It is part of "paranoia" settings of msec (Mandrake
security tools).. FredL, any comments

It is clear such a box should not be used for "desktop" usage :))

Frederic Crozat

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