Re: [Evolution] red carpet/evolution with RH

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 20:55, Susan wrote:

I may give it a shot, I did download a newer rpm version of evolution
from the Ximian site, ran it through package manger and neither of linux
stations will take it, redhat has not caught up to Ximian on a number of
modules so I would probably have problems if I attempted it... maybe I
will try a full Ximian install next...

This is where Red Carpet is a big win.

I've avoided the Ximian Gnome install because it will play havoc with a
future upgrade of Red Hat. When 7.3 came out, the release notes made it
clear that an upgrade from 7.2 would probably break if Ximian Gnome
packages were in place. So I backed out the few Ximian packages I had
before the upgrade, and then reinstalled those I really wanted.

If you install Evo using Red Carpet, it will take care of getting
exactly the prerequisite Ximian packages you need, and no more.

Do you use the Red Hat up2date? Red Carpet is like that, only with more
bells and whistles. I use up2date to keep my primary system patched, and
then use Red Carpet for all the others. It can also accept a local file
repository, not just remote channels, so you can point it to your
up2date cache.

On the procmailrc I got John Hardin's Sanitizer with a Fred Morris
Perl-jacket/artless combo and it it really rips through the mail real
nice....  without losing any.

Are you just using procmail to run the Sanitizer on mail entering your
spool? If so, then Evo works fine with that. Evo just reads from the
spool, or reads the spool indirectly via an IMAP or POP3 server if you
want to set it up that way. (I've tried all 3. Currently I'm using IMAP
to move folder management out of Evo.) If you already have procmail
running the Sanitizer, it's not a big leap to add SpamAssassin. I run SA
just before the Sanitizer, after procmail has switched to the user's
identity to use the user's SA config files.

If you're using procmail to deliver locally and filter mail into
multiple buckets, you might be best off serving that tree with a local
IMAP server and having Evo connect to that. That's another reason I want
to switch to IMAP. I can use procmail instead of Evo's filters to filter
into folders and then serve the folder tree to Evo over IMAP.

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