Re: [Evolution] red carpet/evolution with RH

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 21:38, Kenneth Porter wrote:
Red Carpet is pretty nifty. It's a graphical RPM installer that will
fetch the RPM's from a site, analyze and resolve dependencies (pulling
additional RPM's if you allow it), and then install them. It uses a
notion of "channels" to represent different site collections. The
important ones for you would be Red Hat 7.3, Ximian Gnome, and Evolution
Snapshot. (These are the 3 I use.)

I use the RH7.3 channel for all security updates. I originally used Evo
from the Gnome channel but switched to the devel snapshot as it has more
features and fixes than the 1.0 stuff. I always keep the previous
snapshot around in case I need to back out a version, but I haven't had
to do that yet.

I may give it a shot, I did download a newer rpm version of evolution
from the Ximian site, ran it through package manger and neither of linux
stations will take it, redhat has not caught up to Ximian on a number of
modules so I would probably have problems if I attempted it... maybe I
will try a full Ximian install next... I really like the mailer if it's
any indication of their other stuff that is real good news... I really
think the evolution mailer is one of the best i've ever seen. How do
these guys make money if they give it away is all I wonder... 

I don't think evo 1.0 works well with procmail, but I haven't had a
chance yet to experiment. My approach is to convert to IMAP and use IMAP
folders instead. The folders will actually be on the same box, so I'm
just using IMAP to reduce my dependency on a single client, and to allow
me to remotely access my folders without having to remote an X
connection (as I do now, through a slow ssh tunnel).

I'm investigating rolodap for use as a client-independent LDAP address
book, for the same reasons.

This is what I got and it works real nice:

I've got Evolution 1.0.3-6 as the main mail client. Because it's slick
and fast and (portable? is that the right word?) You can do a lot with
it lets just say... I have a few different user accounts set up on it, I
have a few different email addresses I like to write to different people
with so I put those in there, but they can only send mail, they don't
actually download from any POP3 server accounts. Reason being, as you
said, evo does not work real well with procmail and though some say it's
possible it's also been real time consuming trying to get it perfect so
I gave up, I don't have that much time to dedicate to this but I need a
real hard filter and I need to be absolutely sure it works. So that's
why the email accounts I setup in evolution, they can send mail but not
retrieve it. I really need the procmail to filter.

So, from past experience I knew that Balsa, that old email client, works
beautifully with procmail. But I don't like reading or writing my mail
there because of lack of certain options as compared to a program like
evolution... which really simplifies a majority of other stuff which
needs to also be considered.

So anyway, I put the same email accounts into Balsa that I have in
Evolution, but reversed. The Balsa accounts can download from the Pop
servers but they cannot send mail from Balsa. 

Essentially, I'm using Balsa like fetchmail. who needs fetchmail? Balsa
does the same thing, I can give it a timed option to download every so
many minutes etc... and plus I can view the mail as it comes in.

So when I'm ready to actually sit down and do my mail, read, respond
send, whatever.. I import the messages into Evolution (Evo has an import
option) straight into the inbox... from the /var/spool user mail file
and Voila! Then I delete 'em out of Balsa and I'm ready for the next
round a few hours down the line. It's a couple extra steps but i have
the procmail working perfectly with it this way so it will stay until
Evo can recognize the fact that a .procmailrc file exists.

On the procmailrc I got John Hardin's Sanitizer with a Fred Morris
Perl-jacket/artless combo and it it really rips through the mail real
nice....  without losing any.

I am 95% finished with it, still doing just a tad of testing on certain

If you need the layout to get yours up and running real quick I got it,
you can download the rest of the major files from John and Freds sites


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