[Evolution] red carpet/evolution with RH

I was at the site looking at products you guys have out... 

I'd like to update the version of the Evolution mailer I've got to the
max possible latest version I can use that's going to be compatible with
my RH 7.3 system... this box essentially just handles mail, and I
discovered the Evolution mailer with that 7.3 install, it came with the
package... but at the www.ximian.com site they recommend using the Red
Carpet installer, which sounds a lot like RH rpm package managers, I'm
wondering if I do that, put the Red Carpet in to update evolution are
there going to be any compatibility issues that you know of with the RH

Then also, what latest version would you recommend I update evolution to
for maximum results with procmail? how stable are are the developer

And I guess in lieu of that does anyone here have procmail already
sorting successfully into folders with evolution v.1.0.3-6? I really
like the mailer but don't want to change around the entire desktop to
get it working (if I don't have to) . 

But what would you all suggest on a RH 7.3 base? 



filtered mailed does wonders...

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