Re: [Evolution] red carpet/evolution with RH

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 06:40, Susan wrote:
I was at the site looking at products you guys have out... 

I'd like to update the version of the Evolution mailer I've got to the
max possible latest version I can use that's going to be compatible with
my RH 7.3 system... this box essentially just handles mail, and I
discovered the Evolution mailer with that 7.3 install, it came with the
package... but at the site they recommend using the Red
Carpet installer, which sounds a lot like RH rpm package managers, I'm
wondering if I do that, put the Red Carpet in to update evolution are
there going to be any compatibility issues that you know of with the RH

Red Carpet is pretty nifty. It's a graphical RPM installer that will
fetch the RPM's from a site, analyze and resolve dependencies (pulling
additional RPM's if you allow it), and then install them. It uses a
notion of "channels" to represent different site collections. The
important ones for you would be Red Hat 7.3, Ximian Gnome, and Evolution
Snapshot. (These are the 3 I use.)

I use the RH7.3 channel for all security updates. I originally used Evo
from the Gnome channel but switched to the devel snapshot as it has more
features and fixes than the 1.0 stuff. I always keep the previous
snapshot around in case I need to back out a version, but I haven't had
to do that yet.

Then also, what latest version would you recommend I update evolution to
for maximum results with procmail? how stable are are the developer

I don't think evo 1.0 works well with procmail, but I haven't had a
chance yet to experiment. My approach is to convert to IMAP and use IMAP
folders instead. The folders will actually be on the same box, so I'm
just using IMAP to reduce my dependency on a single client, and to allow
me to remotely access my folders without having to remote an X
connection (as I do now, through a slow ssh tunnel).

I'm investigating rolodap for use as a client-independent LDAP address
book, for the same reasons.

And I guess in lieu of that does anyone here have procmail already
sorting successfully into folders with evolution v.1.0.3-6? I really
like the mailer but don't want to change around the entire desktop to
get it working (if I don't have to) . 

Good point. If one can use IMAP for folders, LDAP for address book, and
procmail for filtering, then one should be able to use any client

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