Re: [Evolution] Evolution

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 18:05, Lloyd D Budd wrote:
On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 09:57, Not Zed wrote:
as to the discussion that followed on the evoltuion list ... yeah this
is the right place to post it (its for users of evolution).  and
duplicate requests are more of a pain for us than singular problems like
this.  also, knowing about development version bugs quickly is often
useful, as the code in question is often still in our heads.  tho this
bug probably sounds like a local/installation issue to me.

Interesting, thanks for the knowledge.  So this would not be more
appropriately discussed on the devel list?  Can one assume that the

no, the devel list is for development issues, ways to solve existing or
new problems (but not what they are), i18n issues directly related to
code, and so forth.

devel snapshots will be best-effort-stable, ie you will never break
things to allow you to make leaps and bounds? 

i'd like to think that if we do, we'll let people know.  tho this
doesn't always happen, i try to let ppl know if i do such a thing myself

but yeah, some of the guys (not me, its too hard) use cvs evolution for
their daily mail, so they prefer it to work always.  we sometimes use
branches and the like to test radically new code a bit before it goes in
as well.

its best effort stable, but things could change, such as menu's and
keybindings, and maybe file formats, at any time.  there could be known
bugs that aren't fixed for some time (annoyances rather than things that
instantly crash on startup), and generally most such bugs go into the
bug system which is the best place to put them since they wont get lost
forever when people forget about them for a day.

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