Re: [Evolution] Is there a description of filters.xml

Op di 10-09-2002, om 18:49 schreef Not Zed:
about the only doco on this is the source itself.  see
filters/filter-rule.[ch], and stuff like encode_xml() or whatever the
virtual method is.

I do not have the source (I used red-carpet to install), but for now I
think I know enough by looking at the file. Maybe when I want to do more
in the future.

and as to your other question, filters are read from disk every time
they're used, so it shoudl be ok, unless you have the 'edit' dialogue
up, then run your script then 'ok' out of it, it will overwrite your
script's changes.  i can't say whether this will always be the case

Then I could run my program without leaving Evolution. It is logical not
to run the program while editing the filters. ;-)

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