Re: [Evolution] Is there a description of filters.xml

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 18:44, Cecil Westerhoff wrote:
Op ma 09-09-2002, om 14:07 schreef Not Zed:
easiest way is to setup a few filters and see how they're fotmed in the
xml, and then just copy it

I was allready thinking about this, but I just was curious about what
could be used by grouping instead of any etc. When the layout is know,
the program can do more powerfull things as when only looking at
generated output.

about the only doco on this is the source itself.  see
filters/filter-rule.[ch], and stuff like encode_xml() or whatever the
virtual method is.

if you linked to libfilter to do the work, you have all the
possibilities as defines and enums and so forth, which is how its
supposed to work.  writing anythign that creates/edits the file without
using the 'provided api' is at your own risk.  Although i can't see the
format changing any time soon either.

and as to your other question, filters are read from disk every time
they're used, so it shoudl be ok, unless you have the 'edit' dialogue
up, then run your script then 'ok' out of it, it will overwrite your
script's changes.  i can't say whether this will always be the case

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