Re: [Evolution] woah. uh... how do I kill this 'html' feature?

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 00:41, Larry Ewing wrote:
On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 23:33, Steve wrote:
In evo, I find that if I am copying text from a web page that
is weirdly formatted, into an email message in evo, it copies not only
the text, but the actual html-style formatting.

I just want it to copy the text, kinda the way it worked in the old
1.0.8 version (which is like how it would react if I pasted the same
text into something like "nedit"). How do I get it to act like this by

You can't currently, but I'm open to reasonable suggestions on how to
make this behave more like you expect.  Currently It is in fact copying
the actual html. gtkhtml 1.1 can cut & paste html to and from
mozilla/netscape and from star/open office (soffice does some extremely
broken things with html cut & paste).

Work/wait on implementing "Paste Special" in Gnome -- including ability
to set preference of "Paste".

Lloyd D Budd

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