Re: [Evolution] SMTP AUTH and Evo

man, 2002-09-02 kl. 14:56 skrev Adam Williams:

I am the sys-admin.  So people should be able to access mailboxes
without authenticating to the mail server?
Know what? I love people who teach me things, even put me in the wrong.
That's how you learn, sometimes, not too often, by provoking. So thanks,

Now, since you're sysadmin for White Mice dot Org (I've got 6 outdoor
cats of my own), go configure your DNS correctly, so that the MX records
don't point to IP numbers any more, just FQDNs, as prescribed.

Then I can send you mail directly, instead of using this mouthpiece. Or
I reconfigure Exim to disregard ill-configured DNS servers, which I


Quite seriously, I live and learn.




Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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