Re: [Evolution] Small "quirklets" in Evolution 1.0.8

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 21:35, Dan O'Reilly wrote:
On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 13:22, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2002-10-30 kl. 20:58 skrev Dan Winship:

He was responding to a direct question.

Then "his" answer should have been (given the boasted prowess): "How can
I help?"

OK, my turn now.  I was asked "you've never done this, have you?".  I
responded "yes, I have, for this long and doing this".  Your extension
of this to say I should have said "how can I help" is bulls**t, plain
and simple.  I got this package to fill a specific need. If the response
to a request, and then a question asked directly of me and answered
directly by me, is name-calling and "put up or shut up", then this is
probably not the software to use, nor is it anything to recommend to
anyone who might want to use it.

My bottom line is, I don't have time to waste fixing bugs or adding
functionality to other people's software.  I have my own job where I
spend quite enough time.  I need an email application that does what I
need it to do, and there are some out there.  I apparently made a
mistake in choosing this, then having the utter temerity to suggest
better behavior.  And I would have hoped that the response to a question
of "why can't it do this" would have been something other than invective
and personal attacks.  Apparently I was wrong.

well, the personal attack was from Tony, who does not represent the
feeling of all the evolution hackers and users. So please, don't make
the mistake to judge a whole project based on one person's opinions.

Apart from that, please let's stop this thread. I think it's been
clearly stated what the situation of copy&paste is, and that we are
working on fixing it, so it's useless to continue discussing it.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ximian com>

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